In. Bē. Tw. Dr.


NATS is the UK’s primary air navigation service provider. They required a platform that could introduce and connect some of the brightest minds in the aviation sector. A place to unravel some of the industry’s challenges, make new discoveries and incubate innovative ideas.

Through a series of workshops and early prototypes developed in partnership with NATS, we were able to distil the requirements for the platform down to a lean Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By focussing on the needs of the various users of the platform, including educators, technologists, suppliers and staff, we were able to design an MVP that added real value to each of these user groups to maximise engagement and ROI for NATS.

The NATS LEAP platform enables users to join conversations, network with peers and colleagues and view opportunities within the incubator. The platform has advanced user and organisation management, moderation facilities, integrated messaging, intelligent search, opportunities/project discovery and much more.

The application is built using the latest technologies in a modular, de-coupled approach to facilitate future development and growth as the platform matures. We have leveraged Google Kubernetes Engine to deliver a containerised infrastructure that supports automatic, independent scaling of the frontend and backend services. This also supports fully automated integration and deployment of code to reduce the overhead associated with developing and releasing new features.

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